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We instruct learners in an array of specialized courses

Cambridge English: KET, PET, FCE, CAE y CPE

Assess and certify that candidates possess a broad communication skills domain in a day-to-day life environment. The language employed in social, tourist, study and work environments, with a broad lexical resource and sentence construction allow having full comprehension and applicants express with confidence, in all fields of personal interest and professional development.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

This certification degree is the ideal tool to demonstrate English language skills in a superior level. It is employed by hundred thousands organizations, government entities, and educational institutions worldwide, in order to select ideal candidates wishing to study, work or invest abroad, in nations part of the Commonwealth or with international prescence. The exam’s grade ranges from bands 0 to 9, covering the 6 levels of the C.E.F.R. language profiles.

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Cambridge Business English: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher

These certifications are an essential instrument in professional development, guaranteeing that their communication capabilities in business related fields such as accounting, marketing, international trade, public relations, administration, negotiation, information technologies and corporate culture, among others are a valuable asset. They share correspondence to levels B1 through C1 of the C.E.F.R.

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Cambridge Professional English: ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English) y ILEC (International Legal English Certificate).

These specialized courses meet the needs of professional individuals with extensive expertise in fields related to commercial law, finance, legal, international trade, taxation and foreign investment, among others. They share correspondence to levels B2 through C1 of the C.E.F.R and their language domain requierements go beyond the level demanded in a Business English degree.

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Hospitality & Tourism

Educational institutions as well as the Touristic industry and Hospitality organizations demand expert knowledge in their employees’ qualifications; having well trained work teams in the appropriate language domain level in such specialised fields guarantees ultimate performance and development for both collaborators and companies.

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Online Conversation Practice

Ideal class format for those wishing to practice their Spoken Production and Interaction, at the comfort of their homes or workplace, at a convenient schedule, focused on covering varied conversation topics, subjects or aimed to fulfill rehearsals for presentations, talks, seminars or lectures.

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Spanish Course for Foreigners best performance in english

Spanish Course for Foreigners

Best Performance in English provides its Spanish course with content and methodology aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages skill profiles, setting a clear path towards the Spanish acquisition as a secondary language.

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