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What we do?

Best Performance in English teams perform in full commitment towards excellent academic training, demonstrating passion for learning and teaching in all our activities. All team members remain in constant professional and academic preparation, gaining broader knowledge and expertise, in and out of the classroom.

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Now, this is what I honestly think about Best Performance in English: “With schemes tailored to everyone’s needs, BPE was a great option for me, in order to achieve my aim of becoming a better English speaker and therefore to have the opportunity to face new personal and professional challenges, which definitively will drive me successfully through forthcoming projects in life.”

– Oscar Gómez Sánchez.

“My learning experience at “Best Performance in English” was quite satisfactory, since their teachers are true professionals that help you out to reach your goals; either a certificate, or to increase your knowledge in the English language”

-Dionisio Sánchez, -Sartorius de México SA de CV.

“In my professional field, business communication skills in management , PR, marketing and sales acquired through my BEC Vantage preparationand certificate have allowed me to achive great work opportunities and success.”

-Zayil Vargas Rodríguez- Cisco Systems México

In Customer Care and Sales areas, effective language skills are of paramount importance. Certainly, having studied English gives me an advantage to serve my company’s clients as they deserve, as well as gaining the opportunity to meet myriads of people, international co-workers, peers and guarantee professional success along the way.

-Paulina A. Rubio- American Airlines.

As a personal and professional goal, I aimed to migrate to Canada along with my family, seeking great life experiences and development for all. I received great IELTS and ICFE preparation and succeeded in reaching our dream in Vancouver, B.C. Accurate and throrough English language preparation enables professionals and their families live the life they pursue.

Álvaro Solís S.- Operations Controller- Avino Silver & Gold Mines, Ltd.

“I recently landed a new position within my company and my English communication skills keep improving, aided by my business English teacher. I am sure I will face my new challenges with confidence, nurturing my knowledge and curriculum as I head to my English certification degree.”

-Liliana Hernádez Mora- Novartis Marketing Procurement Manager.

Undoubtedly, investing in training that guarantees quality is the best decision.


Our Mission

Being active members within our society, participating in the educational development, thus increasing professional qualities and qualifications of present and future generations.

Our Passion

Providing English language training services to boost the entrepreneurial community members towards their professional and personal development, in and out of their field.

Our vision

We foresee Mexico as a rich country in natural resources and valuable citizens; we aim to become a component of educational growth in all areas, industries and fields that make us more competitive and competent.

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